10 Reasons Why You Need Vehicle-Based Advertising

Branding is an all-important component for a business today. However, brand recognition is not only relegated to online marketing practices. You also need to advertise your business off-line as well. That is where vehicle-based advertising comes into play. This kind of promotional adornment is often seen on maintenance, delivery or company vehicles – all which deliver eye-catching graphics and images. The following 10 reasons will give you the incentive to use this unique form of promotion. It can be nicely included, at a low cost, with your other advertising tools.

#1 – Your Business is Promoted 24/7, 365 Days Per Year
Unlike more expensive forms of media, vehicle wraps work at promoting a business all the time – that means 24/7, 365 days of the year.

#2 – Wraps Are Excellent Choices for Start-ups
The amortized business investment is realizable for both small and medium-sized companies as well. The cost, according to industry professionals, amounts to only a few dollars per day.

#3 – Vehicle Wraps Receive A Lot of Notice
According to research compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America or OAAA, wraps for vehicles provide the lowest cost-per-impression among all forms of advertising. Depending on where the wraps are used, a single wrap can generate as many as 70,000 impressions each day.

#4 – Wraps Offer a Flexible Way to Advertise
You also have quite a bit of latitude when you use this form of promotion. For example, vehicle wraps can be used both short-term or long-term and come in full or partial displays.

#5 – Vehicle-based Ads Are Ideal for Local Demographic Targeting
The advertising tool is ideal for local targeting too, whether a wrapped vehicle is driven in a local service area or parked in front of a business that is a high traffic location.

# 6 – Vehicle Wraps Assist You in Unifying Your Marketing Program
Wraps make it possible for you to unify your marketing efforts online and off-line and therefore supply you with a broader scope of advertising alternatives.

#7 – Ads on Vehicles Provide Companies with a Predictable Expenditure
Vehicle-based ads also provide a predictable fixed cost for the advertising dollars you spend. That way you always know what to expect cost-wise when you are planning your budget.

#8 – Vehicle Wrapping Helps You Establish Your Brand Locally
When you use vehicle-based advertising, you can be assured that your name and brand will be recognized locally.

#9 – Vehicular Wrapping Offers an Excellent Return on Your Investment
According to the OAA, mobile advertising reaches more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other advertising form. Estimates place wrapping at about 4 cents per thousand impressions. Compare that to the estimated costs for outdoor signs ($3.56 per thousand impressions) and ads in newspapers ($19.70 per thousand impressions). All in all, consumers pay about $44 per million impressions.

#10 – Mobile Wrapping Can Be Used for a Variety of Businesses
Some of the businesses that make use of vehicle wrapping include grills and restaurants, retails shops, such as pet groomers and florists, consultants, attorneys and real estate companies, healthcare practices and medical or dental offices. Therefore, with just a bit of imagination and a partnership with the right vehicle wrap company, you can easily include vehicle wraps into your marketing schemes.

One Final Thought (from the SBA)
The Small Business Administration offers small business people and entrepreneurs suggestions for increasing their recognition when establishing an advertising plan. Not only does the SBA suggest imprinting your company’s brand and name on clocks, calendars or other giveaway items, it also stresses the importance of including your name and logo on point-of-sale-displays, shopping bags, billboards and on wraps or signs for vehicles or buildings. Distributing newsletters, conducting seminars, and telemarketing can also be used to enhance your influence in the marketplace.