Branding & Identity

The single consistent key of every successful branded vehicle wrap design is the business branding.

With over 25 years in the custom visual identity and branding industry, that has been confirmed time and time again.

It's like anything. Without a strong foundation, you will spend more time, patience, and money spinning your wheels and attempting to create something out of nothing. Without a professionally designed branding package based on a solid brand strategy, your branded vehicle wrap creative can be challenging to assemble and possibly not see the success and return on investment you want.

Canawrap is owned by branding expert and brand strategist Jonathan Glen, and he has, from day one, used strategy and messaging experience and implemented it into the vehicle wrap design work Canawrap delivers to help business owners see massive success in their marketing efforts.


what is branding?

Branding is creating a unique identity for a business in the minds of its target audience and consumers. At its core, branding consists of a company's logo, visual design, mission statement, and tone of voice. These elements combine to create a cohesive image that resonates with customers and helps differentiate the business from its competitors.

isn't branding a logo?

No, your brand and branding go much deeper than just a logo.

However, your logo is a big part of your overall branding.

A logo is a visual representation that encapsulates the character and essence of a brand. A memorable logo is a critical element of a successful brand and serves as a visual identifier in a crowded marketplace.