Is Your Business Making the Right Advertising Choices?

If you have noticed vehicle wraps on the vans or cars of other local businesses, you may wonder if this type of advertising is a better way to attract business.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, or OAAA, over 95% of people in the US respond to advertising on vehicles. In fact the OAAA offers a creative testing tool to its members to review the impact of an outdoor ad.

What is A Vehicle Wrap?

If you are not familiar with vehicle wraps, this form of advertising is a printed mobile billboard that is installed by professionals on a car, truck, or van. A wrap may encompass all of a vehicle or only a part of it. The windows are often included in the creative as well. 3M vinyl wraps are printed in colorful renditions that feature captivating graphics or designs. The auto or truck wraps are made from a rugged vinyl material that usually lasts up to five years.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are ideal to use for all sizes of business, especially start-ups or smaller businesses. The wrap legitimizes a company by permitting it to showcase its logo and brand. When a smaller company displays a vehicle wrap, the mobile billboard allows it to compete with larger businesses and franchises.

A Local Form of Advertising that Works

Local vehicle wraps also support local business. People like to deal with a local company. So, a vehicle wrap can be used to garner business in your community.

According to the OAA, mobile advertising is often the most efficient way to advertise as it reaches out to the public at a reduced cost per thousand impressions than other media. Car wraps cost about 4 cents per thousand impressions, which is signicantly less than other kinds of advertising.

A Great Way to Invest Your Advertising Money

For example, outdoor signs costs about $3.50 per thousand impressions and newspaper advertisements cost businesses almost $20.00 per thousand impressions. A wrapped vehicle nets about 50,000 impressions each day. In terms of total costs, then that amount to less than $45 per million impressions.

Auto wrap experts recommend adding a separate phone contact number, such as an 800 number, to track the calls that originate from your mobile ad. Include a special discount on the car or truck wrap and monitor those calls as well. Creating a URL and placing it on a vehicle wrap is helpful too. Just make sure the URL is easy to remember.

If you want to make sure your get the best wrap for your money, review vehicle wrap images online and contact a service provider, such as Canawrap. To ensure quality and a good advertising response rate, make sure you go with a dedicated wrap company.