Best Tips for Removing 3M Vinyl Wrap

3M Vinyl wraps are generally guaranteed for three years, and many owners many choose to remove it after that time. In addition, car and truck wraps can sometimes develop bubbles, rips or tears, and will need to be replaced for that reason.

Use Heat

You’ll want to prepare a heat gun to the temperature recommended by the vinyl wrap manufacturer, making sure the wrap is heated, so it can be removed. It is best to have someone with experience perform this function, so your vehicle is not damaged, and you are not injured.

Go Carefully

Use both hands to pull back the wrap without yanking on it, as this can cause the vinyl to separate from the laminate. You’ll want to work slowly and pull the wrap back at a 45-degree angle, keeping your fingers spread and fully in contact with the material.

Avoid Leaving Residue

Your 3M Vinyl wrap was applied using a primer or adhesive promoter on the body panel edges. It can leave an adhesive residue behind and will require extra effort to remove, we recommend using Total Wrap Care Adhesive & Heavy Duty Cleaner for this job. In addition, you will need to thoroughly clean the vehicle’s paint to ensure that nothing is left behind.