The Best Types Of Boats To Use Boat Wraps On For Marketing

When considering the purchase of a boat wrap, customers will often ask whether this is just an option for certain types of boats, a question we’ll consider below.

No Limitations

The good news is that all boats can benefit from this method of advertising. This means that you need not be deterred if your boat contains a painted hull, whether that be a topcoat or an undercoat, and you can apply a boat wrap to vessels made of aluminum or gelcoats.

Options Are Available

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wrapping your boat, and you can choose to simply wrap a portion of your watercraft. This can be done using a full wrap that will generally include the sides, covering the waterline and over the rub rail.If you decide to use a half wrap, this can include three sides, and mini wraps can be applied in a variety of areas.

Other Things to Consider

The main issue will be making sure that the surface is intact, as this will create some difficulty in evenly applying your wrap. In addition, there should be no chipped paint or a gelcoat containing excess chalkiness. Your hull needs to be appropriately fared and free from the presence of mold or other types of growth.