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Wrapping your vehicle to attract business is a vivid and colorful way to obtain and keep notice in your local community. The following 8 reasons will provide you with further clarification why wrapping a car is simply one of the best ways to power up a small business operation.

In order to gain notice for your business, you need to use the right graphics, colors, and lettering. Canawrap does it better because we have the know-how and experience to understand what works and what does not work. Graphics need to be configured to the car so nothing is misplaced.

In addition, both the fonts and images should be coordinated so the message is instantly understood. Drivers only view wraps for a few seconds. Therefore, the message must be dominant and easy to digest.

Promote Your Business with a Vehicle Wrap

The best way to make your vehicle earn money is to advertise, or to use your vehicle for promoting your business. Capture your audience’s attention with lettering and visuals that cannot be missed.

A vehicle wrap is one attention-getting tool that can reap big financial rewards for a company. If you keep the wrap clean and well-maintained, and drive and display your car in the right spots, you will realize substantial profits for your company.

The fonts and images you choose for your vehicle wrap are two essential ingredients in promoting your business. Wraps provide a bold way to introduce your business locally to thousands of residents. An effectively wrapped car with an eye-capturing design is one way to enliven your message off-line.

If you already are using car wraps, you also know that they are an efficient way to get your business noticed in your local community. High-quality wraps also need to be maintained in order to grab the notice of potential customers. If you do not care for your advertising wraps properly, you can do more damage than good to your company’s reputation. After all, if a business does not maintain their wraps, what kind of message is that sending to possible customers?

Prolonging the Life of Your Wrap

Not only does wrap maintenance enhance the looks of a car, it also prolongs the life of the graphic images. Maintenance is especially important in congested industrial or urban locales or in high-elevation areas. At high elevations, wraps can suffer UV damage much easier than they can at sea level. Because the air is thinner, less filtering is available against the damaging effects of the sun. In congested industrial or urban locations, increased pollution and smog reduce the resiliency of a wrap. Horizontal areas capture environmental chemicals on the wrap’s surface, thus increasing UV exposure and reducing strength.

Ad billboards and signs influence customer thinking in a variety of venues. That is why you can realize ad success when you use a vehicle wrap. In fact, according to research that was performed by the AAA in 2015, drivers spend just over 45 minutes driving each day. That calculates to about 300 hours annually.

In addition, a study, conducted by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement showed that vehicle ads generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. If you are a company then that uses vehicle wraps, you will find that you are getting your money’s worth. However, to make sure the ad response is successful, you also need to make sure the style of the ad is right, that the design captures the consumer’s attention and that the vehicle wraps you use are of high quality.

Ad graphics for vehicle ads are available in simple letter designs that feature a business name and phone number as well as full-graphic wraps that are used to outfit an auto, car or even a bus. Regardless of the style, you still need to stand out, especially in a world that is full of imagery.


When people think of mobile advertising, the first image that comes to mind is a web-based mobile application. However, mobile advertising also means just that – advertising on automobiles and vehicles. When you display your company’s goods and services on sales or service vehicles as well, you immediately capture the attention of potential customers.

In fact, you might say that a vehicle wrap is an attention-grabbing type of promotional tool as it makes any vehicle stand out from the other forms of transport. While a passing motorist may not [au much mind to a white van on the road, he certainly will take notice of a colorfully wrapped auto or truck.

What the Statistics Reveal

When you compare the cost of using a vehicle wrap to other forms of off-line advertising, you simply have to go the mobile route, especially when you look at the projections. For instance, let’s pretend you have $3,000 to spend. According to one leading graphics company, if you choose direct mail, you will reach approximately 3,000 addresses. In return, you will receive a response in the form of about 30 new customers. That is based on a worse-case scenario of a 1% return rate.

Branding is an all-important component for a business today. However, brand recognition is not only relegated to online marketing practices. You also need to advertise your business off-line as well. That is where vehicle-based advertising comes into play. This kind of promotional adornment is often seen on maintenance, delivery or company vehicles – all which deliver eye-catching graphics and images. The following 10 reasons will give you the incentive to use this unique form of promotion. It can be nicely included, at a low cost, with your other advertising tools.

#1 - Your Business is Promoted 24/7, 365 Days Per Year
Unlike more expensive forms of media, vehicle wraps work at promoting a business all the time – that means 24/7, 365 days of the year.

#2 - Wraps Are Excellent Choices for Start-ups
The amortized business investment is realizable for both small and medium-sized companies as well. The cost, according to industry professionals, amounts to only a few dollars per day.

#3 - Vehicle Wraps Receive A Lot of Notice
According to research compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America or OAAA, wraps for vehicles provide the lowest cost-per-impression among all forms of advertising. Depending on where the wraps are used, a single wrap can generate as many as 70,000 impressions each day.

#4 - Wraps Offer a Flexible Way to Advertise
You also have quite a bit of latitude when you use this form of promotion. For example, vehicle wraps can be used both short-term or long-term and come in full or partial displays.

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