The Colors You Do Use Matter And Here’s Why

The colors you choose for the 3M vinyl wrap that is to represent your business will matter greatly, because they will communicate a feeling that will be associated with your brand.

Coca-cola has recently advertised that their soda is not a product but is an experience. And they are right. You’re selling a service or an items, but most importantly, you want your customers to feel a certain way when they think of you. Color choice will help you accomplish that.


Your colors will help you establish consistency. It is vital that your logo and other materials represent the same messaging as your car or truck wrap. This will help customers identify your company at first glance, giving you the best chance for success.


You should experiment with different color choices to make sure your message can clearly be read from a distance. Your want your colors to stand out when printed on a vinyl wrap, so it draws the attention of drivers and passersby, and you do not want contrasting colors to obscure the writing or the images. Font choice and sizing will also play a role, and you’ll want to use bold colors. Avoid using two light colors or two dark colors together, and find color combinations that will create a pop, ensuring your advertising will more successfully drive business.