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A Look Inside The Conversion Rate For Car Wraps

A Look Inside The Conversion Rate For Car Wraps

It’s vital to understand the potential return on investment you can receive from your car wrap or truck wrap, and below are some important statistics to consider.

It Will Lead To More Visits

Ultimately, what you want is for people to come to your storefront location in person, and car wraps have a unique way of accomplishing just that. It has been reported that 29% of people who have come into contact with advertising in this manner will visit a retail store within one week afterward, translating into more sales for the merchant.

The Number Of Views Is Staggering

On average, you can expect to generate between 30,000 and 70,000 views on any particular day in metropolitan areas. This is because 96% of Canadians will travel by car at least once a week, either as a driver or as a passenger.

Brand Recognition Matters

Of the thousands of people who see your car wrap or truck wrap, it needs to be remembered that many will tuck the information away in the back of their heads for when the time comes when they will need your product or service. It is therefore, invaluable, to spread awareness of your company, as it can lead to sales that occur months or even years into the future.

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