Never Clean Your Wrap with These Products

Your car wrap sends a message to the world, and therefore, you’ll want to keep it looking pristine. There are certain materials than can do more harm than good, and we will discuss them in the post below.


If you should spill gasoline on your truck wrap while pumping gas, it is essential to remove it as quickly as possible. If there is just a small amount of gas on your 3M Vinyl wrap, you can use a citrus-based cleanser and a towel. You can also use isopropyl alcohol.

Don’t Use Wax

Car wax should only be used on the car’s surface paint and not on your wrap, as it can cause the material to deteriorate. You should also avoid using polishes, matte, or carbon fiber as well.

Avoid Abrasives

Strong solvents will damage the graphics of your car wrap, and you’ll want to choose a substance that has a pH balance between 3 and 11, ideally.

Other Considerations

It is best not to pressure wash your car wrap, and you also should not use a mechanical brush, as your design will likely chip or peel. Do not put your wrapped car through the car wash, and instead, use a soft sponge and mild detergent and a microfiber towel for drying.