4 Examples Of How Not To Do A Vehicle Wrap

A car wrap or truck wrap must have certain elements to be effective, and in this post, we will discuss four things not to do when getting your car or truck wrap.

Don’t Use Small Print

People’s attention should be on the road while driving, and your vehicle wrap should not create a distraction. Drivers should not have to squint to read the message nor should they have to guess what you are selling.

Don’t Design Blindly

You will need to get a vehicle template and photographs of the car from multiple angles before you begin creating your design. This will ensure the greatest possible accuracy.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

It’s easy to sometimes forget that your car or truck can no longer withstand pressure washers or a brush car wash, for example, and you’ll want to use mild detergent and gentle treatment on your car or truck wrap.

Don’t Include Too Much Information

Drivers on the road will be scanning their environment as the drive, and they will not pick up what is said if you include many details. It may actually create a cluttered look, overwhelming drivers and causing them to look away. Be as direct and easy to understand as possible, going for clarify in messaging and design.