The Smartest Way To Remove Decals From Your Vehicle

Though a decal is not the same as a full car wrap or truck wrap, you’ll still need to be careful when taking it off of your car. To avoid damaging your vehicle’s paint, we recommend taking the following steps.

Use Heat

You’ll need to use something to soften the material, and you can use a heat gun or even a hair dryer. You’ll want to apply this warmth evenly over the surface in order to ready the decal for removal.

Find an Appropriate Implement

You will need something sharp to separate the decal from your paint that will also not leave scratches. It is best to opt for a plastic razor blade to peel the lettering off slowly.

Clean The Area

It is very likely that there is a film that has been left behind from the vinyl. You can use a produce called Goof Off or any other adhesive remover that you wish. Spray the area, and allow the chemical to work on the residue for a few minutes.

Finishing Touches

Next, you can use your plastic razor blade to scrape the sticky substance from off the car’s exterior, except if the surface is a window. Afterward, take a paper towel and some cleanser, and later, degrease it with isopropyl alcohol, and you’ll be finished.