Wraps Can Fail, And Here Is Why

Creating or purchasing a car wrap or truck wrap is a major decision and is one that must be executed correctly in order not to fail. Below are some reasons that can happen and how to avoid this scenario.

Using the Wrong Film

Vinyl can vary in consistency from one brand to another, and you need a car wrap that will adhere correctly without leaving bubbles or wrinkles in the film. Steer clear of low-quality film and opt for something of a higher caliber.


This problem can occur when using the wrong film, and it will lead to a distortion of the artwork. Car wraps that are overstretched will appear to have faded colors as well, and this can be prevented by having enough material to begin with and by using the correct film.

Failing to Properly Prep

All existing dirt and residue must be removed before applying a car wrap for the adhesive to do its job. Otherwise, the detritus will show through the material, giving the job an unsightly appearance.

Poor Post-Installation

Failing to perform the necessary tasks after installation can lead to the wrap becoming misshapen. To keep this from happening, be sure to heat the wrap, as it is a form of PVC, allowing it to revert to its original shape.

Choosing a reputable company like Canawrap can ensure that your wrap does not fail, and we will happily answer any questions you have about our products.