3 Step Guide to Removing Vinyl Wraps From Your Truck

One day, you will need to take off your 3M vinyl wrap, and it cannot be stressed enough that the better quality of truck wrap that you invest in, the easier this process will be.

Choose Your Tools

To avoid scratching, you’ll want to use something with a soft edge, such as a plastic razor blade. Its design helps it easily slide under the vinyl, allowing you to pry it away from the vehicle.

Assess The Job

If your truck wrap is still relatively new, you should just be able to take one edge of it and pull it carefully until the entire wrap is removed. If, however, the vinyl has been on the vehicle for many years, it will likely be brittle.

The best way to combat this is with a heat gun, applying warmth to the surface. This will help soften the materials that lie underneath. Afterward, you can simply tug at the vinyl, starting from a corner, until you’ve uncovered the entire truck.

Take Care Of The Residue

After you have successfully taken the truck wrap off, you’ll need to take care of the paint. Vinyl wraps that have been worn for two years or less should not pose much of a problem, but you’ll need to purchase a residue remover and use some elbow grease to leave your truck’s exterior residue free.