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If you have noticed vehicle wraps on the vans or cars of other local businesses, you may wonder if this type of advertising is a better way to attract business. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, or OAAA, over 95% of people in the US respond to advertising on vehicles. In fact the OAAA offers a creative testing tool to its members to review the impact of an outdoor ad.
Although a car wrap may appear to be difficult to remove, the process will not damage your car as long as the wrap is not left on too long (5 years in most cases). Also, if you want to remove a car wrap right after your car is painted, you should wait at least three weeks. In all other cases, your wrap can be removed without damage to the paint.
Food trucks that make profits are colourful and attract attention. Because the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, you need to ensure you stand out. In order to differentiate your look and attract new customers then, you need to install a vinyl truck wrap with a professionally designed logo and appealing colors.

The right truck wrap will ensure that you do not get lost among your competitors.

After all, the first thing that draws a customer to a food truck is its appearance. So, if your truck is standing among other food trucks, you want to create the right impression. That means incorporating a design that is as customer-friendly as it is practical.

Usually, most insurance carriers will cover the 3M vinyl wrap on your vehicle. Therefore, let your insurance company know about the installation. You will need to provide an invoice that shows the worth of the car wrap, the kinds of materials used, and the date on which the car or truck was wrapped. Obtain all the information you need from the car wrapping company.

Van Wraps by CanawrapTypically, a car wrap can withstand damage quite well. However, if you do find that your wrap is damaged, because of scratches or corrosion on the car, you need to take the wrap in to have it fixed. Sometimes, a rookie installer will cause the vehicle wrap to become damaged or not stick properly as well.

While you must always obtain permission to wrap a vehicle that is rented, a car wrap, when applied over paint, will not hurt it – as long as the paint is the original factory finish. In fact, vinyl that is applied over OEM paint, will protect it!

We are excited to announce that Canawrap now offering competitive and easy financing options to our customers for any of our car wraps, truck wraps, food truck wraps, trailer wraps etc. We listen closely to our customers and do our best to create solutions for every "pain point" that small business owners feel and we are confident that this is a huge help and big step towards offering the very best marketing and brand building solutions, quickly, easily and affordably to small business owners!

If you want to see how the dynamics of a vehicle wrap can enhance your car, company van, or delivery vehicle, then you only need to see the results in pictures. A vehicle wrap is a sensational form of advertising as it offers many advantages to local businesses who want to grow.

Get Noticed Immediately.

If you want to grab people’s attention with your vehicle wrap, then warm colours, such as yellow, red, or orange are typically the best hues to pick. Business people use these colours to sell products and to capture the interest of visitors to their websites. 

The colours are also employed for other promotional efforts. Indeed, it is shown that the colours you use impact shopping behaviours. Therefore, the hues you choose for your vehicle wrap are important considerations.

Car wrapping permits you to advertise your business without the need to change the paint or finish on your vehicle. Plus, the obvious advantage is that a wrap causes your car to become an instant business magnet. As long as you keep your message short (no more than four words) and use complementary colors and lettering, a vehicle wrap will serve you well over the years.

Vehicle wraps can be used by all types of businesses, so it is one form of advertising that can is as mobile as it is user-friendly.

You also will experience some not-so-obvious benefits from wrapping your vehicle.

While car branding in the form of a car wrap is an excellent way to draw business to your local operation, it can also fizzle out if you do not use a reputable wrap company for the installation. Reasons a wrap fails to deliver its message is often due to its design, message, or placement. In most cases, the wrap is not installed correctly or the material is of an inferior quality.

Wraps for cars are taking the world by storm, you might say, as they make it easy to promote your local business easily and successfully. The advertising is mobile, and when it is done right, will capture the attention of the local community. The following wraps are grabbing worldwide attention with their colorful, one-of-a-kind designs and messages.

Wrapping your vehicle to attract business is a vivid and colorful way to obtain and keep notice in your local community. The following 8 reasons will provide you with further clarification why wrapping a car is simply one of the best ways to power up a small business operation.

In order to gain notice for your business, you need to use the right graphics, colors, and lettering. Canawrap does it better because we have the know-how and experience to understand what works and what does not work. Graphics need to be configured to the car so nothing is misplaced.

In addition, both the fonts and images should be coordinated so the message is instantly understood. Drivers only view wraps for a few seconds. Therefore, the message must be dominant and easy to digest.